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What is Merge?

Merge Packaging is a specialized company that creates, designs and prints packaging products (boxes and stickers) in a unique and unconventional way. They use innovative ideas for box shapes and apply new finishes to create a distinct and high-quality final product.


Reason for establishment

Packaging always relies on specific and fixed patterns in the form of boxes and stickers, and from here the idea of creating the company began, where we worked on building and developing a professional department of engineers; to create ideas and designs that are completely different from the ordinary and traditional boxes and stickers, and to work on producing the product in a completely different way that attracts and draws the consumer’s attention and helps to distinguish the product among all competitors.

Why Merge?

The shape of the package directly and greatly affects the process of selling the product; therefore, Merge Packaging gives great importance to this point, as before starting work, the work order passes through the marketing department; to study the product, the nature of the target consumer, the age group and the social segment targeted as well; to set the main direction for all departments, so that the product comes out in a way that works to increase the volume of sales.


Accuracy in details and quality in material, idea, printing and services, affects the mental image of the consumer about the quality of the product, which raises its price value.


Implementing an unconventional shape for the package with different finishes and a design with eye-catching colors; makes the chance of selling the product in the store bigger among competitors as the shape of the package is the fastest and most economical way of marketing.


Merge Packaging is working to create a qualitative fingerprint in the field of packaging in the local and global market by using the latest ideas and methods in ideas, design and implementation, where the use of artificial intelligence in the field of design was introduced, as well as using the latest materials and technologies in printing, and creating a research and development department.


The ability to combine design and implementation in an integrated way gives Merge Packaging the lead in the strong competition, which is the challenge in creating unconventional ideas and the ability to implement them, as all the company’s departments are aware of the required techniques and how to coordinate among them; to complete the printing process and produce the ideal product without any error, when dealing with Merge Packaging do not worry about others copying your product; because it is difficult to imitate the packaging with the same accuracy, professionalism and unconventional services that are unknown to many companies and printing presses.



Merge’s main orientation towards the customer is to provide comfort and reassurance while executing the work; where the company provides complete services starting from the marketing team that helps the customer choose the optimal visual identity and its impact on sales, passing by presenting various and unique ideas for boxes and stickers, then design, reaching printing and outputting the final product, and during this tour the customer finds a specialized team of customer service that informs him of the full picture moment by moment by sending mockups and different models of designs and samples.

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