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Merge Packaging works on making a qualitative leap in the field of packaging in the local and global market by using the latest ideas and methods in design and implementation, where the use of artificial intelligence was introduced in the core of the design, as well as using the latest materials and techniques in printing, and creating a research and development department.

The ability to combine design and implementation in an integrated way gives Merge Packaging the lead in the strong competition, which is the challenge in creating unconventional ideas and the ability to implement them, as all the company’s departments are aware of the required techniques and how to coordinate among them; to complete the printing process and produce the ideal product without any error, when dealing with Merge Packaging do not worry about others copying your product; because it is difficult to imitate the packaging with the same accuracy, professionalism and unconventional services that are unknown to many companies and printing presses.

We are constantly seeking ways to push the limits of packaging design, whether it involves exploring new materials, implementing distinctive printing techniques, or creating customized packaging shapes and sizes.


In general, we combine technical expertise with innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of printing and design packaging in our specialized approach; making us one of the leading printing and design packaging companies in Egypt.

The packaging shape directly and significantly affects the product’s sales process; therefore, Merge Packaging gives great importance to this point. Before starting work, the order passes through the marketing department to study the product, the nature of the targeted consumer, the age group, and the targeted social segment as well; to set the basic direction for all departments, so that the product comes out in a way that increases sales volume. The precision in details, quality in material, idea, printing, and services, affects the consumer’s mental image of the product’s quality; which raises its price value.


Ahmed Naguib


Mohamed Mesallam
Workflow manager


Abdullah Naguib

Art director

Nada Saad

Graphic designer

Mohamed Hosam

Graphic designer

Fatma Pibears

Print processor

Ahmed Fathy

Pricing team

Aya Naguib
Technical designer


Abdullah Osman

Quality supervisor

Khaled Naguib


Ahmed Gamal
Printing manager


Esraa Oraby

Accounting manager

Mahmoud Mostafa

Graphic designer

Hassan Ashraf

Graphic designer

Basel Ahmed
Pricing team

Rewan Lasheen

Pricing team

Nehal Helmy
Operations team

Moaaz Gamal


Emad Ahmed


Mahmoud Hussein
Pricing manager

Doha Yasser

Graphic designer

Rawnaa Reda

Print processor


Toqa Osama

Print processor

Mostafa Hussein
Pricing team

Ghada Lasheen

Pricing team

Sayed Ezz Eldein
Printing team

Nehal Ashraf

Marketing team

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